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Do you feel disconnected from your body?

Do you feel exhausted by the end of each day?

Have you heard that you should be embodied, but struggle to experience it?

Do you wonder where your libido went? And long for its return?


You are not alone. Trauma, stress, obligations, and our beliefs about who we are supposed to be disconnect us from our bodies and drain our vitality and libido. But it is still there. Luckily there is a simple, gentle, and effective way to get it flowing again. 


Release Stress & Rediscover Your Desire


EroSpark Movement is somatic sensual movement to awaken your life force. 

(Aka exercise to improve your erotic life!)


While most erotic dance classes reinforce pleasure as a performance, EroSpark Movement honors your pleasure as your medicine.

While most exercise treats your body like a machine, EroSpark Movement reveres your body as a wise living process that holds the answers you seek. 

EroSpark Movement is not a dance class. It is a movement practice that seamlessly blends somatics with functional, sensual, and meaningful movement. It guides you to move in ways that awaken pleasure within you and teaches you how to savor it. Not as a bypass of your pain. As a resource for it. The results are less stress, more confidence, and a reignited libido.

EroSpark Movement

Tell me more . . .

EroSpark Movement classes alternate each week between Yin and Yang. The Yin classes are slower, softer, and more internally focused. The Yang classes are quicker, more vigorous, and more full-bodied. By practicing both, you unearth more pathways to pleasure. 

There is no wrong way to do EroSpark Movement. If you follow what feels good and true, you are doing it right. The practice guides you into your body. Your body will guide you from there.

Once you join the membership, you can instantly access the class recordings, tutorials, playlists, and everything else. You will have access until the membership closes on July 1, 2024.

Are you ready to Ignite Your Aliveness?

Join the EroSpark Movement Membership where you will

  • Release stress 
  • Rekindle your desires (libido)
  • Reawaken your instincts
  • Reconnect to your embodied pleasure
  • Remember your power


Inside the membership you receive

  • Weekly live 1-hour virtual classes with Emily. Thursdays at noon PST
  • Access to all class recordings from the previous eleven months
  • Monthly erotic themes with journaling prompts and playlists
  • Embodied meditations
  • Movement tutorials and modifications
  • Bite-sized practices for when you're short on time
  • Discounted 1:1 sessions with Emily
  • 50% discount on all courses
  • Access to everything from your computer or the free Kajabi app


EroSpark Movement is for women and people with vulvas. If you have questions about whether this is right for you, please contact me here. 

EroSpark Movement


EroSpark Movement is closed for enrollment. 

Emily Athena, Founder of EroSpark Movement

Meet Your Guide

Hi, I'm Emily Athena. I am a certified somatic sex educator and coach, Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist, and former professional dancer. My study of somatic movement began twenty years ago and I have over fifteen years of experience in fitness and wellness, including celebrity clientele.

I created EroSpark Movement to help those suffering from low desire, libido, and vitality find their life force energy again. Not just for a richer intimate life. But for a wilder lust for all of life and more passion to pursue their dreams.

I believe that movement isn't something we do, it's who we are. This is a space to come home to who you really are - a beautiful living, breathing, moving human with a birthright to feel good.

Why EroSpark Movement?

  • Science tells us that women need a low stress, highly affectionate, and explicitly erotic environment to get turned on. EroSpark Movement is exactly that.
  • Pleasure is the antidote to stress. Your body is built for pleasure. Let's build the habit of noticing it.
  • Motion is aliveness. Movement is the language of your body. It's time to become fluent. 
  • Arousal comes before desire. The only person who can actually turn you on is YOU!
  • Blood flow is physiological turn-on. Movement gets the blood flowing. Your turn-on will follow.
  • Desire is your sacred compass. It leads you to live the life only you can live.
  • Because it is imperative to your health, healing, and sexual wellness that you remember and regularly practice what it’s like to feel good.

Feel for Yourself

Awaken your desire with a free EroSpark Movement mini-practice. 

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